PES Agreement Deal-Breakers

PES is there for you providing 30% of the services that other C/TPAs do not provide their clients. We hold up our end of the bargain and we expect you to hold up your end. Please pay close attention to your contract signed with PES. Be sure to:

1. Make your Participant List current in your online account by and at the end of every quarter;

2. Pay your bill in timely manner;

3. Complete Randomly Selected Testing within the quarter in which testing was selected.

Participant List Update

You must update your Participant List with PES by the end of every quarter. At the end of every quarter, PES will send you your Company's list of employees that we currently have in our system. You are responsible for updating this employee list & returning to PES (even if there are no changes to list.)

When we generate Random Selections, we must have only your employees that are currently employed in the pool at that time. This creates accurate numbers for your reports (i.e. number of employees and percentage of random selections). Not updating your Participant List could result in more random tests selected for that quarter.

PES Billing

Each consortium member (Company) will be billed annually for an administrative Program Fee based of the Company's program requirements. If PES consistently reports auditing information on behalf of your Company, you will be billed annually for an Audit Processing Fee. Each test conducted for your Company will be consolidated and include the cost of the collection site, laboratory and MRO review fees.

Invoices and statements are prepared and sent to consortium members monthly.

Consortium members should not be billed by collection sites for drug collections or alcohol tests. If you receive a bill from a collection site, please notify PES and send bill by email to billing@panhandleemployers.com

Randomly Selected Testing & Alternate Requests

A randomly selected test is a random test that must be completed within the quarter in which the random test was selected. Always complete Random testing and by the end of the quarter that it was selected. 

Alternates must be requested either by email or phone to PES Nocona office.  However, Random Alternates can only be requested in the even that a primary selection cannot complete testing due to termination from employment, attrition, sickness or leave of absence (long-term).


Be sure to keep all records provided by PES to you according to your requested reports method. Along with your MIS Reports, PES will provide you with "Recordkeeping" requirements.

Upon discontinuation of services, your records will still be obtainable by contacting PES.