"Turn-Key" Services


Plan Manual

Your Company will be provided a Plan Manual, along with helpful forms in managing your Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Program. PES provides all DOT drug/alcohol consortium members with a Company (Non-Regulated) Plan as well as DOT Plan(s) applicable to your Company.

Education Training

Supervisor Education Training and Certification, as required by DOT, is provided in your Plan Manual. Also included is Employee Education.

If you need Supervisor Training Material email perryton2@panhandleemployers.com.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Previous Employer Checks (Background Checks)

PES consortium members are provided with the necessary forms and information within your Plan Manual to perform these (DOT required) checks. 

PES consortium members may also sign an "agreement" with PES for checks to be performed by PES. If so, PES will process your sent employee signed release forms by making a "good faith" effort to contact and receive the information from the previous employers. This is offered as an additional service. If your Company is a consortium member and wish utilize PES for this service email background@panhandleemployers.com.

Collection Sites (facilitation)

PES maintains a large database of available collection sites and services offered by these collection sites. We will secure collection site(s) for your Company in as close proximity to your facility or facilities as is allowed and feasible. We maintain this service throughout your membership with our consortium and adjust with the growth of your Company. However, PES also provides you with the means to order electronic CCF testing (e-chain) for those tests needed at collection sites not commonly used. PES will not setup and send laboratory supplies to collection sites not commonly used by your Company. You must order this testing for (e-chain) collection.

Random Selections

 Consortium members are provided with random selections quarterly via computerized method. The random selection rates are determined either by requirements or Company preference, depending on Program applicable. Random Selections are based on up-to-date current employee rosters that MUST be completed Online by the end of every quarter. PES will assign your Company Representative's with a login to our online system to be used to make your Participant List current online. Random Selection Alternates can be requested online as well. 

MIS Reporting

PES will provide consortium members with DOT Programs, statistical testing data in a form called Management Information System (MIS) Report. MIS reports are provided on a bi-annual basis. If your Company participates in a consortium pool, you will also receive the consortium pool's MIS Report.

Additional Service Information



PES utilizes Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) for urine drug screening and confirmation testing. CRL is a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) certified toxicology facility that is certified by SAMHSA and CAP.

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

PES contracts with certified MROs that have met training requirements for review of DOT results. All results are reviewed maintaining compliance.

Results Reporting

All Results are reported to Company designated Representatives via confidential method and with the upmost respect for confidentiality. Once your Company Representative receives results, they are to be stored in a locked filing cabinet or a secure, confidential location and separate from employee files.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

PES utilizes referral services called SAP Referral Service to assist the consortium member in locating qualifying SAP(s) for those employees who violate drug/alcohol policy, regulations or requirements.


All audits are performed differently by the administration or auditing entity. Some audits are performed onsite and some are performed electronically. PES will assist the consortium member with necessary documents, records, plans, drug/alcohol backgrounds, statistical data, etc. to satisfy audit needs. Some operator requirements allow for Non-Regulated auditing. PES assists the consortium member with necessary documents, records, policies, stats, etc. to satisfy Non-Regulated audits as well.

If your Company is being audited, PES will assist you. However, you MUST provide us with advance notice, just as you are given by auditor.

Statistical Data

Stats are usually required by an auditing company and can be either Regulated or Non-Regulated. PES will gather your Company's statistical data from your Company's testing information, enter in auditor's "Statistical Data Form" and provide to auditors. Usually this is an on-going requirement of auditors and can be required either quarterly or bi-annually.

PES will provide this service to consortium members. However, statistical data requires much more information than MIS Reports. Much more time and effort goes into figuring and developing stats. For these reasons, PES will only report Statistical Data (stats) to Auditors and not to consortium members.


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